Pop-Up Magazine x Patagonia

Editor (Live-Event Version) / 2022

Patagonia and Pop-Up Magazine Productions present a series about working knowledge.

In this series, I edited two videos - We Are The Water and Art as Activism - that played and were performed in front of a live filmed audience.

The following published videos of the entire experience were edited by Matty Neikrug.

Photographer Dani Kahn Da Silva captures three generations of women as they fight against the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion that threatens the Salish Sea, the resident orcas and the livelihoods of the Coast Salish people.

Italian fisherman Paolo Fanciulli had tried everything to stop deep-sea trawlers from harming his beloved Mediterranean ecosystem. He protested, monkey-wrenched and even impersonated a policeman, but nothing worked. That’s when he hatched the plan to commission 10-ton marble sculptures and place them on the ocean floor.